Magic Go

Online Video Creators

Online videos can be a great way to learn Go.

Nick Sibicky is a YouTube content creator who hosts a massive collection of teaching videos, typically purposed for beginners and double-digit kyus.

Go Magic is a fresh YouTube channel with polished presentation that teaches players from beginner to intermediate.

They also have some interesting videos on the history of Go.

Dwyrin (or BattsGo on Twitch) is a YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer. His videos and streams typically consist of him playing matches against others at around the 6-Dan level.

His content is typically suitable for single-digit Kyus and low Dans (intermediate and advanced players).

Hajin Lee (or Haylee) is a YouTube content creator and former 4-Dan Korean Professional Go player. Her content is useful to all ranges of skill.

The American Go Association has a YouTube channel where they host many tournament and teaching videos, sometimes featuring 9-Dan Japanese Professional Go Player Michael Redmond.